Multiprotection dungarees with Reflective Stripes

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Made in Italy

UNI EN 340:2004 (innoquity genereal requirements, ergonomic and sizes)

UNI EN ISO 11611:2008 (Use in welding operations and connected procedures)

The garment represents an article of clothing for class 1 welders, suitable for manual welding technniques with light splatters and drops formation, for example: gas welding, TIG welding, plasma microwelding, dots braising,MMA welding (with rutilio covered electrode) and for the operation of oxygen cutting machines, plasma, welders and resistance, thermal varnishing spraying machineries, over the counters welders).

The garment is equipped for accidental contact protections with small flames, liquefied metal splatters, radiant heat and short duration electric contacts.

UNI EN ISO 11612:2009 (protective garment from heat and flames) The items of clothing have been designed to protect the user from the accidental contact with small flames, from elevated convective heat, radiant and contact).

UNI EN 13034:2009 (chemical protection type 6). The items of clothing offers resistance from chemical aggressions by non immediately dangerous products for the health and the security allowing an adequate protection from eventual accidental contacts (small splatters, aerosol, ecc.) allowing the operator to provide, on a useful time to the cleaning and replacement of the garment.

UNI EN 1149-5:2008 (Electrostatic properties). The planning requisites and of the garments material, allows to dissipate the accumulated electro static charges, used as part of a system of total ground lead to avoid burts that can trigger fires). 

USAGE LIMITS : the garments object of the present informative are NOT suitable for the usage in extinguishing fires (for example: firefighters); for usage in operations in wich is essential the resistance from the permeation of chemical products at molecular level, or a complete liquid barrier is required, at gaseous state chemical products.

(for example: situations in which there is the risk of exposition to heavy and powerful emissions of concentrated liquid chemical products, and for every use not mentioned in the present informative note (in particular for all the risks within the category III, category defined within the European directive 89/686/CEE).

Customizable: Print or embroidery

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